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Beckham's 3 Month Schedule (12 weeks)

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The best schedule for a 3-month-old is to continue to adapt to his needs.

So yes, Bs schedule is still is unpredictable, and irregular. But he is starting to build stable patterns (check out the 2-3 month pattern post I did) and it’s much easier to have a home “schedule” with him right now.

The main thing to keep in mind is that babies at this age can stay awake for 1-2h at a time (best not to let them go past that to avoid over stimulation) while naps can be between 30 minutes and 2/3 hours long.

This said, here’s an approximate schedule following his lead:

7am wake + feed

730am play

830am nap

930am wake + feed

945 play

1115am nap

1145am wake + feed

12pm play

1pm nap

230pm wake + feed

245pm play

3pm nap

430pm wake + feed

5pm play

6pm nap

630pm wake + feed

645pm play

730pm night routine

8pm feed + night sleep

2-3 night feedings

*note I never follow a schedule, I go by his patterns and needs at this age. This is just an example of what HE is doing!

So what does he do during each?


Gym play mat

Homework cards

Interact with mom

Hang with Sofia and mom while being held

Cook with mom


Watch mom workout

Watch mom fold laundry

Facetime with family


Go for a stroll around the neighborhood

NAPS: They are not consistent on length or time yet. When it’s time for him to nap I go to the office with him so I can take advantage and work while he sleeps, and it’s my husbands turn with Sofia. I’m never alone lol. Or we have him nap on the go if it’s the weekend! This age is easier to do that so we take advantage of it.

FEED: I feed on demand so of course, no schedule, but he tends to feed every 1.5-2.5h during the day now.

This age is challenging in the sense that everything has to be done in super tiny windows of time, but it’s also way easier: they aren’t mobile, they sleep more through the day, and they overall are easier to please, with no sleep regressions or teething yet (not for too long tho) so enjoy, this stage, it is awesome!


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