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Beckham's 4 Month Update

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Beckham is now 4! 12-17weeks are awesome! To me, one of the easiest baby months, no doubt.

They are settled into a better "schedule" (not yet a schedule, but more predictable)

They finally react and smile/laugh at your silliness which makes it more fun

They are more efficient eating

Their belly aches & gas usually have settled/matured by now

They are out of the witching hours and can fall asleep earlier and more easily

They still (usually) are not fussy from teething yet, just want to chew and drool

The leaps are not too intense (yet)

They still are not mobile so you can leave them in a (safe) spot quickly

The sleep regression (again, usually) has not set in...

Beckham has made big progresses & changes into a baby, these are his personal milestones & patterns the past month

- He can finally sleep more during nap time and not in my arms or rocked! Huge deal. Still, very irregular. Some naps are 20min some are 1.5h (but on average, 45min). He can def nap longer way sooner than Sofia ever did.

- Therefor, I have started to place him in the bassinet in my room for some naps.

- He takes 3-4 naps a day, when he naps longer, he does 3.

- He goes to bed earlier & wakes earlier: usually 7:30-8pm to 6:30am

- So we go up at 730pm for night routine with low lights to stop stimulation and help him sooth to sleep

- He still wakes up at night to feed as often as before, 3 times, on average: 12/1am, 2/3am, and 4/5am

- With some random nights of more wakes / earlier wakes

- He loves interacting with us, he is a happy boy, and loves when we play with him and laughs so hard when we do fun movements too, which is the cutest

- He is slowly getting stronger during tummy time and we usually do it 3 times a day

- Although he doesn't fully roll just yet, he def is trying to!

- He is almost growing out of the stroller Bassinet, yikes!

- He is a BIG chatter now, wow!

- He loves bright colors, rattles, kicking the toys in the baby gym, going for walks, taking baths

- He started to drool a ton*

- He started to not only put his hands in his mouths but now EVERY other object, so I got him tons of new teething toys*

*As I said, drooling & putting things in mouth is NOT always a sign of teething and is NORMAL and natural at this age (3m) when they put objects to explore them and they also begin to produce more saliva than they can swallow because they have developed the ability to chew, which stimulates the production of saliva, which causes drooling


For this past month I have loved

Oral Stimulation Toy here

Car mobile here

The 3-4 month box full of developmental toys here

And this play gym (0-12months) is also a game changer for these weeks, it comes with developmental activities and he is entertained there for at least 20min x 3 times a day (right after wakes).


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