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Beckham's 4 Month Schedule

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

As I always say, schedules at this age keep changing VERY often, and I’m updating you every 6 weeks approx, so here we go!

By this age you really start to notice that they don't sleep quite as much during the day. They require more activities and social interaction, and their interested in the world around them.

Every baby is different, but a typical 4 month old baby should sleep between 12 and 17 hours per every 24 hour period. Including nighttime sleep and 3 to 4 naps a day.

Beckham is usually doing 4 naps of 30min each (a total of 2h a day of naps) and sleeping 10hours at night from 8pm to 6-7am now, waking 3 times a night (more during the current sleep regression). So he is getting a total of 12-13 hours a day, why do my kids do the minimum required sleep ever? why do they have to be active & energized like us parents? haha.

Of course, the days that he randomly sleeps more during one nap (not too often) then he only does 3 naps a day. Which is sometimes easier to be honest!

By 6 months, this last 4th nap is completely dropped off.

Here's a typical day, right now, with 4 naps.

630-7am wake + feed

830a 1St nap

9a wake

10a feed

11a 2nd nap

1130a wake

1pm feed

230p 3rd nap

3pm wake

4pm feed

530pm 4th nap

6pm wake

7pm feed

730 night routine

8pm bedtime

12am feed

3 feed

5am feed

And yes, I keep feeding him often during the day, he still wants to feed this often, and even though it’s exhausting and a full time job, this also helps for him not to be hungriER at night and wake even more often to feed, as he feeds three times per night still.

During play time, he now wants to be more entertained than before, and he is finally playing with age-appropriate toys with his hands and mouth which is super cute to see. For play time we do gym mat, toys, swing, watch mom do home activities, walks, watch sister play, Facetime with family...

Any questions about his schedule?


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