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Beckham’s 7 month update & schedule

Beckham 7 month update & schedule!

If you are one of the the very few that has met him, you told me the same thing: He’s got the sweetest kindest soul and brings you instant peace and happiness!

At 7months he now requires more interactive play, and luckily he is very entertained by his sister. No matter what she does, even if she is serious, he will laugh endlessly at whatever she’s doing!

He can roll both ways, sits up like a pro, and keeps trying to crawl without moving from the spot still haha. He can grasp and pince the tiniest object and is getting really good at it.

He is enjoying solids and definitely making messes, which is great for him so I am embracing it!

His schedule keeps changing quickly, he is doing longer awake windows and longer naps (unless Sofia wakes him) and is now pretty much transitioned to bedroom naps, except on random occasions or if we are on-the-go.

Before telling you the typical schedule he does, as always, I’m telling you what the average 7 month old does:

- 12-16h of sleep per day

- 9-11h of sleep at night

- 2-3 naps a day of 2.5-3h total

- Wake windows 3-4h

- Bedtime between 630-8p

- Feedings every 2.5-3.5h

Now, here’s what he has been doing, everything give or take 30min:

  • 630am: wake

  • 7am: nursing session

  • 8am: meal 1

  • 9:30am to 10:30am: nap 1

  • 11am: nursing session

  • 1pm: meal 2

  • 2pm to 3pm: nap 2

  • 4pm: nursing session

  • 6 to 6:30pm: nap 3

  • 7pm: meal 3

  • 730pm: bath / night routine

  • 8pm: nursing session + bedtime

  • Wakes 1-2 night to nurse

+ Wakes more often (not to feed) if teething or through a regression

And if his first two naps are longer (on very random days but it’s happened) then he skips the last one!

Any questions on his schedule?

I’m obsessed with little B! And as much as I love to see you grow... can you stay this age for a little longer?


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