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Beckham’s 8 Month Update & Schedule

Happy 8 months my baby boy!

He now has his two upper teeth

He claps when happy

He started to wave bye with his hand

He loves to point at things around him

He’s also saying mama, not only dada, but still doesn’t mean either one 🙃

He wants to play and interact

He is super observant

He is eating 80% finger foods, almost done with purée, and is eating smaller bites too

He can grasp tiny food perfectly

And he is obsessed with mommy for snuggles, and Sofia for laughs

So many new things, he is such a big boy.

Before telling you his current schedule, as always, here's what the average 8 month old patterns are:

- sleep around 12 to 16h per every 24h

- night sleep from 9 to 11h

- 2 to 3 naps a day

Beckham is currently still doing 3 naps a day, but the last one is a short cat nap of 15-20min, and the first two of typically an hour.

He is still waking 2-4 times per night but to nurse only 1-2, the rest is for poop, teething pain, a leap, regression... there’s always something although he fusses and goes back to sleep quick. And there’s days like last night that are terrible, and better ones. But despite the brief wakings (which is v normal) I can say he is a better sleeper than Sofia was, she was even harder with her sleep. So after that experience... I can’t complain at all 😬

This is his current schedule, everything give or take 30min, always following his cues, not a schedule, but to sum it up:

  • 630a awake

  • 7a nursing 1

  • 8a meal 1

  • 830-930a nap 1

  • 1130a nursing 2

  • 1-2pm nap 2

  • 230p meal 2

  • 430p nursing 3

  • 5-520 nap 3

  • 6pm meal 3

  • 730 bath

  • 745 nursing 4

  • 8pm bed

+ nursing 1-2 at night

+ random wakes

Any questions on his schedule or patterns at 8months?



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