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Best Toys To Travel With A Toddler (2-5yo)

One thing we can all agree on is: traveling with kids isn't easy! You have to keep them entertained and plan around good strategic times, so it's more manageable.

For the little toddlers 12months to 24months, the best thing is to plan around naps, get them tired pre-boarding & lots of snacks.

Closer to 2, you will be able to use some of the below items too, and slowly with age, they'll be able to get more entertained!

But for 2 year olds and over, here are a list of our fav travel entertainment toys. My tip is to save them all for flight day as a surprise, so they are extra excited to play with them.

1. Push bubble shop

2. Reusable stickers shop sticker book shop

3. Drawing tablet shop

4. Nontoxic wax sticks shop

5. Backpack full of travel activities, ready to go shop

6. Travel tablet with no-wifi developmental activities & kid book, shows shop

7. Scribble book shop

8. Washable crayons shop

9. Magnetic drawing board shop

10. Toddler headsets shop

11.Water wow book shop

12. Mini baby shop

You don't need them all, choose the best ones for your toddler and mix them up on each trip!

Also useful on a flight with toddlers:

  • An easy small backpack for their own stuff shop

  • A stainless steal water bottle you can refill shop

  • Portable snack box so you don't have to give them the full bag shop

  • If it's a long flight, I highly recommend this that converts their seat into a toddler bed for the plane shop

And this tray is amazing if you travel by car & comes with our fav water books:

And if you are looking for baby car entertainment instead, check here!


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