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Consistency And Discipline As A Mom

Do I wake up motivated every single day? Hell no.

They key to keep evolving is truly CONSISTENCY with our daily habits.

Motivation comes and goes, and consistency through those ups and downs will help you not fall off track, not get overwhelmed through the life roller coaster, and stay focused feeling good.

Motivation is great to get started, but it won't last forever. Consistency and discipline are a steadier force that will help you stay on track even when you don't feel like it.

And of course, honoring and allowing days where simply nothing gets done, especially as moms with all the unexpected and out of our hands, but where you can still allow daily consistent habits to help you stay grounded through it all.

Here are my top tips!

  • Set realistic goals, start small so it's not overwhelming. Especially as a mom, they need to meet our current life and schedule. Baby steps towards a bigger goal!

  • Set detailed actions and habits that will lead to your goals. So... want to "be healthier"? Great! But what actions will take you there? Drink my greens daily, cut down caffeine to 1 cup a day, cut off alcohol, 30min workouts three times a week, eat more protein and healthy fats in every meal, cut down on processed foods... actions that will take you to the goal and doable with kids around.

  • Make those actions a habit: habits take 30days to build, use a habit tracker if needed as a busy mama, add 5 new habits weekly MAX so it doesn't get hard to follow through. It will create a routine that will become second nature!

  • Set a schedule or time blocks. You want to workout 3 times a week? Great. Which days? What time? What will your babies be doing then? Do you need your partner at home to leave? Do you need to enroll in a gym with a kid's club?

  • Write weekly to-do lists and organize by priority so you tackle what’s most important first. Be okay with days not getting “things” done.

  • Do what you love, so it fuels your soul and doesn’t drain you from mom life, but adds energy instead.

  • Tell everyone around you about your goals and timeline, to keep accountability.

  • Surround yourself with inspiring and uplifting people that support your goals an lifestyle, to keep you motivated and on track. Remove bad influences.

  • Create a good environment, decluttered to allow you to focus. Let go of stuff.

If you create consistency with your actions, you will achieve more goals, be more productive with your time, develop better habits naturally (they'll become part of who you are) and, you'll feel happier living a life that aligns with your values and goals!


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