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Coping And Staying Positive On Bad Baby Days

Yessssss! Sofia has crazy fussy days too. She has periods where she wakes ridiculously often, she has clingy days. She sometimes fights naps. Yes, I go through days like that too! You are not alone.

But it is true that I overall tend to stay calm, positive, and don’t stress.

How? It’s all in my mindset. The same way I got through a contraction at a time without any drugs, I also get through bad days, one day at a time.


- I can get through today. And tomorrow will be a new day.

- If I stress, I won’t gain anything out of it, and it will only make Sofia worse.

- She’s only a baby once so I have to soak in the clingy days too, give her more cuddles and put work off for later.If she’s fussy, it’s probably because she is going through a mental or physical growth, and is her way of complaining and dealing with it, I have to be patient and I need to help her get through it.

- Work can wait. Even if it means working longer when she goes to bed, going to bed later myself, or doing more tomorrow. I’ve seen that after less productive days come very productive ones so, I don’t worry about it.

- I take an outdoor walk if I need to. Go grab a tea. And come back refreshed.

- My gym break also helps me release tension and get a mental break (this is why I like to schedule it later in the day).

- These first 1000 days of her life are also when her personality and social skills develop, so any activities we play, any emotional and personal relationships we establish, how I interact with her, how much time we spend with her.... everything counts and builds her future!

- Do a self-care action every single day! Read the full list of ideas here.

Balancing both Sofia & work full time can be a lot and yes of course there are bad days, but I am having the time of my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything.


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