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Dont Forget To Do This On Your Kids Birthdays

Mama, while everyone is celebrating and congratulating your kids on their birthdays... remember, this is YOUR day too.

Sure, we celebrate our kids growing, we celebrate one more year of their life.

But you mama, you are the reason behind it all.

We celebrate you mama, growing this child.

We celebrate you mama, birthing this child.

We celebrate you mama, raising this child.

We celebrate you mama, doing all the work for this child to be able to celebrate one more year.

Once again, you are being selfless wanting to celebrate your child.

But mama, remember you are the reason behind it all.

You deserve to be celebrated too. You deserve to be applauded and cheered on too.

So, I hope that during every child's birthday, you take some time to celebrate you, however that looks.

That you stop and realize everything that you've done. All you've learned, and your constant efforts.

That you focus on how good you are doing, and not the bad days or mistakes that may stand out on the daily.

That you are proud of yourself for showing up and doing your best every damn day.

So on your next child's birthday, let's celebrate you too 💫 Will you?

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