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Doubting Your Mom Ways?

Truth is there’s million ways to mother and there’s obviously not ONE right way.

All moms do their best with their tools given, with their lifestyle, with their needs... they do what works best for their family.

And if the way you mother triggers and is inconvenient for someone else... that’s on them. It shouldn’t make you feel upset. They can think whatever the hell they want.

But no, no one has the right to tell you you are doing it wrong. Because there’s no right and wrong. Each mom does it best. Period.

Mom judgment has to stop

Mom criticism has to stop

Mom shaming has to stop

Look at your kids. Are they happy? Healthy? Learning? Developing? Thriving? Loved?

No ones opinion on the way you mother should matter. No one lives in your shoes. Only you know how to make things work for your family in your day to day. Only you know what your kids need.

And you, mom, should always feel strong and confident about the way you do things. No matter what others say. Because even if you think you would do things differently than you’ve done in the past, you also were doing your best back then. I promise you that ✨

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