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Due Dates

Your belly is so big, he is coming soon right? What day is he coming? You must be ready to pop.

Things I get told & asked every day. For MONTHS now... No, there’s still 3-4 weeks to go until he isn’t premature anymore. And I don’t know the DAY he is coming. HE decides when he is ready to come!

Truth is, babies can perfectly come anytime from 37 to 42 weeks. Even starting at 36. That’s a 6-5 week window of what’s normal!

Did you know that only 5% of woman deliver on their given due date?

Sofia was born at 39w sharp, I am happy I never had a due date in mind so it didn’t surprise me coming early.

I also never wanted to think of our boys due date day so I’m not caught off guard if he comes “early” too, yet I also don’t want to think of him coming earlier than her, so it doesn’t seem like a forever waiting game either, which I would hate even more.

And no, my belly is not so big! There's a healthy growing baby in there measuring exactly to the week of pregnancy. And I hope it grows way more until he is fully cooked.

What I can is tell you one thing: we are very patiently waiting to see him fill in all his little clothes while also soaking in this magical time left with him in my belly.

I’ll will def miss his crazy kicks, and the beautiful baby bump. I love my belly!


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