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Early 3rd Trimester Symptoms

I’ve been feeling amazing this third trimester so far, even better than the end of my second where I had more low energy days. But hey, not complaining. I know that harder weeks usually come back at the very end, so I’m appreciating & enjoying this time!

I’m challenging myself to different type of daily workouts, with more variations and very different than what I was used to doing at the gym, since that’s no longer a possibility. So I feel like my mind & body are loving this change too, which aside of toning it includes tons of stretching, yoga, pilates, pelvic floor strengthening & hip opening movements that will def support my labor.

Last time I went to my birthing center appointment I told my midwife I thought he had turned, she checked and yes: she confirmed he is facing down and low, which is great to know. It’s funny because Sofia turned at the exact same week!

My Braxton Hicks have gotten way more intense & often lately, but again, the same happened through Sofias pregnancy. Although not every woman experiences them, they are very common and it just means that the uterus is prepping for birth, getting strong and ready. So although sometimes uncomfortable, I’m also not complaining about those!

To help, I have started taking magnesium twice a day instead of just once (so I do one cup in cold water in the afternoon, and one cup before bed). But again, these contractions are just my uterus warming up and getting strong for labor, so although uncomfortable, I don't mind having them one bit.

On another hand, at 30weeks I started experiencing the “lighting" feeling, it's something I also felt with Sofia's pregnancy but it did not start until I was 35/36 weeks pregnant with her (so almost a month earlier this time!). It's not something to worry about if it’s brief, but those seconds are painful and it catches me off-guard, it's like an electric shock, not fun. They typically mean the baby is dropping!

Overall, everything is happening about a month earlier than with Sofia.

Baby boy has been kicking more than ever. But I also can't complain because with both babies I have carried low and they have never kicked my ribs lol I also have NEVER had heartburn in either pregnancy. Def tons of nausea and other symtoms, but I am lucky to not know what heart burn or reflux feels like, at least not w these two babes!

Enjoying this "relaxing" time as a family of three. No rush little man. But I can't wait to see you in June!


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