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Growth Sprouts: What To Do

Babies go through several growth sprouts where they grow more intensely in a short period of time, physically & mentally!

These typically last 2-3 days and up to a week, and you'll notice they are going through a sprout because they want to nurse more frequently, their sleep pattern changes, and they tend to be fussier.

This is one of the reasons why I am a big advocate on having patience and empathy when our babies need our arms and cuddles, because hey, there's days where they just NEED us for a reason, and our role as moms is to comfort & reassure them, which ultimately will make them more secure and independent.

The best way to deal with a growth sprout is to follow your child’s lead.

Here’s some advise from my lactation consultant.

1. Feed more frequently, and don't worry, your milk supply will increase with the increased demand. Remember: this is also a time when you may think you don’t have enough supply, since they want to nurse more and are fussy, it may seem like they aren’t getting enough. Trust your body. And if you are concerned keep count of wet diapers (about 6-8 we per day)

2. It is not advised to supplement your baby with formula during a growth spurt as it may interfere with the natural supply and demand of milk production. However, you (as a nursing mom) may feel more hungry or thirsty during this time, so it's very important to listen to YOUR body's needs too!

3. More cuddles, attention and love. Have flexibility during growth sprout days to cater their high needs. Use baby wearing for closeness too.

4. Help them fall asleep with extra soothing, more skin-to-skin, rocking... yes, it’s okay!

5. Feed them in quiet places.

6. Self care for you mom. As I said before, you need to nourish your body properly to be able to keep up with your supply (have quick healthy snacks handy, have ingredients for smoothies, tons of water and electrolytes), but you also will need to go to bed early, prepare for engorgement, get cream for in between feeds, and such!

And ultimately, be patient and take advantage of these cuddle & closeness days. You got this mama!

Have you noticed your mini go through a sprout yet?


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