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How Sofia Reacted To My Pregnancy

Sofia has always been a mommy’s girl. It’s true! But since the week before I found out I was pregnant, she started being extra attached to me. She wouldn’t even want daddy for routine activities with him. Which was very odd and unlike her. And suddenly, she wanted to breastfeed ALL the time too!

A couple days before I found out, this woman I know (but don’t know well at all, or even have conversations with) saw us playing at the park and asked me if I was pregnant. I was shocked and said I didn’t know if I was, and obviously asked her why she thought so.

She said that Sofia was playing really clumsy (falling all the time, very unlike her too) and that in her culture they say that it happens when the mom is pregnant. Did you know about this?

Then I found out I was. And it all made more sense.

Fast forward to a few months later and she is still def more attached to me and wanting to breastfeed more often, but at least it has gotten better. And the clumsiness has completely gone away.

I really don’t know how they sense it from the start, but I totally think they do.

Now, I know she will be an amazing big sis. She is obsessed with babies and takes such good care of them & has so much compassion, love & care. She’s a natural and has definitely been practicing her role for a while haha.


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