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How To Help Our Kids In New Environments & Be Open Make Friends

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

✨ RESPECT THEIR OWN PERSONALITY. The way your child behaves will largely depend on these inherited temperaments that are unique to them. So, it’s important to remember to EMBRACE these instead of forcing them to be different than they are meant to be. The more you respect the way they are, the more they will thrive. Nourish their spirit!

✨READINESS. Not every kid is ready for things at the same time. It’s okay to go at a slower or faster pace and different timeline than others, follow your kids’ lead. Maybe THEY aren’t ready for friends so fast.

✨YOU DONT NEED 0-100. If needed, take baby steps. See what type of introduction YOUR child needs to get comfortable.

✨BEING SLOW TO WARM UP ISN’T BAD. We have a cultural bias toward certain emotions or behaviors that indicate weakness, this is not true. Let’s validate them and allow them to be. It’s even okay if they don’t want to talk to anyone for a while until they feel comfortable (I do that even now too). Don’t force it. Be friendly with moms, show them around the new space, but let them be them.

✨GET OUT OF YOUR BUBBLE. Expose them to different places, people, cultures, landscapes, weather, activities, have them sleep anywhere you go... from a very young age, travel with them, do activities with them, bring them to places. This will allow them to be more flexible, adapt to new environments much easily, and not be scared.

✨EARLY SCHOOL DOESNT MEAN THEY WILL BE MORE SOCIAL. Some will, some wont. The thing is babies & toddlers do not NEED socializing before 2.5-3 (maybe WE moms need it, that’s a different story) so if you need it, do it. But if you don’t need it, don’t worry. Social activities after 2.5-3 can also be parks, playdates, travels, beach...

✨DEPENDENCY BLOSSOMS INTO INDEPENDENCE. Human babies are born very dependent and infancy is a crucial time for brain development: without a good initial bond, children are less likely to grow up to become happy, independent and resilient kids & adults.

✨PREPARE AHEAD. Some kids will need this more than others but: talks, tours, meet and greets, playdates in advanced, books... set all of the expectations and familiarize ahead.


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