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How To Live With Intention

✨Do what you love, what type of work can fulfill a purpose or soul passion?

✨Surround yourself with good influences to your energy and choices. Those that align with where you want to be. And CONNECT, be mutually supportive.

✨Rest and reset. Work on self-reflection and self-care so you can come back strong and present.

✨Be aware of your emotions and state of mind, take care of your mental health, keep an eye on what triggers you and how you are affected by it. How you react to it.

✨Stop living in auto-pilot. Block time to be able to focus and stop juggling all the things, all the time. Set day structures, priorities and boundaries to protect them.

✨De clutter and simplify your mind, your home, your car.

✨Choose wisely where you spend your money.

✨Develop healthy habits that make you feel good and energized: is your food fueling and supporting you or making you sick?

✨Get organized, but learn to go with the flow with the unexpected.

✨Consume social media mindfully to add value to your life.

✨Practice gratitude to appreciate what you have rather than always trying to chase more.

✨Avoid comparison with others and see how far you've come instead.


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