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How to Make Every Year The Best One

I have always known I had the power to make my dreams a reality. Even through the deep lows. I never gave up. I saw my life. I saw my future. I knew I could make it. I knew what I wanted, what I deserved, and never stopped fighting.

I’ve been seeing the results of the years of hard work. But ever since I started learning from the true power of gratitude, it’s made every year the happiest of my life.

Because even if I envision SO much more for me, for us, even if I know I CAN CREATE much more. I can ALSO appreciate everything I have.

The failures & struggles make me appreciate the wins that much more. I am so proud of all of my accomplishments, big or small, but most importantly I’m so proud of where I came from, where I started, where I am at, and where I am going.

Don’t forget that YOU can TOO make every year the happiest, and make all your wishes come true, while making today, the best day!


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