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How To Pack Light

On our last trip I packed for the 3 of us in ONE carry-on! Yes, daddy had his own carry on... no comments haha.

I think traveling with less stuff is less overwhelming. Narrowing it down to the real essentials is key, and you don’t need as much as you think!

People at airports are always surprised so.... here are my top tips to travel light:

1. Wearing the bulkier clothes on the plane (bigger shoes, jacket...)

2. Packing travel sized toiletries

3. Bringing versatile clothes like 1 pair of shorts or jeans, that you can mix and match a lot. And simplifying your color palette so everything goes well together.

4. Narrowing down outfits for everyone, for the outings / activities

5. Adding a few extra shirts / pants for the kids

6. Washing clothes on location if gone for a LONG time. Hotel or local laundry. Or the sink!

7. Repeating items strategically. Bring one pair of sandals. One beach cover up!

8. If you know you have limited space = will force you to narrow it down.

9. Of course, warm destinations will help you pack lighter = less bulky.

10. Buy diapers on location.

11. Socks inside shoes, being short ankle socks.

12. Pack the right bag. Smaller. Lighter. And compress it all.

13. Get a packing list ready beforehand. I have full free placing lists for mom & baby (winter & summer) here.

14. You need fewer toys than you think, on a travel location they typically are busy exploring the “real” stuff

15. See if the hotel has pack and plays / cribs.

16. Rent a car with car seat included or book a car service to pick you up with car seat.

17. Do you really need a stroller where you are heading off to? If so, bring a travel one. Or a carrier instead!

18. be strategic picking fabrics, some take much more space than others!

Save this post for when you travel!


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