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How To Prepare Your Toddler For A New Sibling

The toddler transition can be one of the most stressful ones, it can turn their world upside down, it can make things at home chaotic, but it can also be super special, magical and go smoothly.

And although the toddlers age and personality (how naturally nurturing they are) can make a big difference, preparing them is KEY.

This is one of my most FAQ so I decided to make a little cheat sheet for you. Swipe to read all of my tips, and exactly what to say! And see below for more tips.

What to do BEFORE the baby comes?

1. Prepare in advanced: tell them what the baby will do, what you will need to do, where the baby will be... recreate what is to come so they are not caught of guard.

2. Give dad new roles pre baby: Have dad start the night routine months before baby comes, have dad take toddler out on playdates too.

3. Get new out-of-the-home activities: a scooter, a bike, a trampoline... so they WANT to leave the house and give you time to rest

4. Create a nursing box they only play with during nursing time


1. Be inclusive

2. Let them help

3. Don't say NO to everything, find ways to say YES

4. Reassure your love, proud feelings

5. Talk on the baby's behalf

6. Schedule 1on1 time

Have you added a new sibling to your household? What worked the best?

Who is having second baby soon? Save for the future!


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