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How To Start Working From Home Doing What You Love

I have previously talked about "Ways of making money from home, NOW", those ideas are great, easy and quick. But if you are looking to make money from home doing something you really are passionate about, you should read this instead.

These options are ideal for someone with a part time job who has a stable income but wants to shift fields and start working in an industry of passion, or for a mom who does not have a job because she is taking care of the baby, but would love to make a living from home doing what she loves (not just anything).

Here are some easy ideas to start:

1. Freelance offering your services from home. If you are good at things like video editing, writing, designing, voiceover... whatever your skill may be, you can offer your services freelancing from home. You can choose projects and your own hours, it's very flexible, and prices are set by you at anywhere up to $1k per project. To get started, you can look into websites like Fiverr and Upwork that allow you to advertise your services and get found by companies that may need you on project basis. If you do your job well and establish good relationships, you may end up with returning customers and, referrals. I would recommend starting at a lower price range and increase it as your experience and ratings go up. A perfect way to start your business.

2. Sell your knowledge. If you have years of experience in a field of passion (fitness, nutrition, business, marketing...) whatever it may be that you've worked in but, it is time to move on from working for someone else to working for yourself, having more flexibility, choosing your own hours, working from home or remotely. Starting a business selling your knowledge is a great idea! How?

- Create an eBook (fitness program, recipe book, how-to guide...) sharing your knowledge

- Sell online classes/coaching sessions teaching what you are knowledgeable

Invest time on creating that (the eBook or the class content + websites)

For more personalized BUSINESS coaching and consulting, you can always book

3. Sell your crafts: if you are good at crafts creating handmade jewelry, home decor, clothing, can start selling on websites like Etsy which will help you put your products in front of potential clients, which will make it easier to sell. However, you should also (at the same time) start your own platform and bring in clients too through personal promotion and digital marketing to push your brand and products to the world.

4. Start a Blog: This is also a way of making a living, however, you do NOT start making money right away. It usually takes YEARS (usually by the 3rd) to start seeing some type of economic benefit through blogs and personal social media pages. But, you have to start somewhere right? So start! I will also be doing on my personal tips to start a blog & how to turn that into a business.

Of course, for point 2, 3 & 4 you will also need to understand how to market yourself, how to find clients online for your product or service. And that can be a process alone. So I recommend that, while you are building your content, you also invest time into learning you to use digital marketing effectively. Since you will want to cut on all costs, I would recommend investing the time and money into LEARNING how to use every single free tool out there to utilize things the right way, not waste any time and sell!

For more personalized BUSINESS coaching and consultng, you can always book coaching sessions with me! Where I can coach you through prioritizing, time management, balancing work and baby, pitching yourself, creating a plan, and starting your own business & promoting it o find clients through digital marketing.


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