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How To Survive Postpartum

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The first few weeks of motherhood are beautiful yet hectic, and it is still up to us to "take charge" of postpartum and educate ourselves on how to move through this special, yet challenging transition with compassion and care.

This is the reason I am passionate about supporting women through this stage and provide resources and information, because this is not a moment to walk through alone.

Here are my top postpartum tips:

  1. Create a nest at home. revamp your home space to make it comfy, warm, welcoming, functional. Have all the essentials around the house to make sure you are comfortable and can feel nurtured. Click here for the Newborn Bedside Essentials.

  2. Get all the recovering essentials. Click here to find a list.

  3. Eat nourishing & warming foods. As your organs rearrange to where they usually are, and your digestive system kicks back into gear, warm foods are easier to digest and typically full of nutrients. Avoid cold and raw foods and drinks, which can lead to constipation and a slower physical recovery.Take a look at "Food to Boost Milk Supply" here and "Food & Supplements to Boost Mood & Energy" here.

  4. Order a meal prep delivery service. Even if it's a meal a day, or a few a week, having healthy, balanced, fresh meals ready-to-eat in your fridge will be a life saver, and much needed for your recovery! I love and (for cateredfit you can use code PRBOSSBABE for a discount).

  5. Delegate & get help. Whether it's your family that will help or you will need to hire extra help during this time, delegate things you'd typically do yourself, because you'll need to take care of your mini and yourself. A cleaning service once a week, a postpartum doula, an in-home massage & chiro service... believe me this will be a great investment with return!

  6. Switch to online. Get your groceries delivered to your doorstep. Order on Amazon. Facetime friends & family. Etc.

  7. Get a bunch of lounge wear. You will be at home all day, nursing, lounging, napping, getting spit on, etc. You'll need to be comfy and feel a little cute too! Getting out of your PJs, washing your face and putting on some cute lounge wear will make you feel like a million bucks!

  8. Get easy self-care actions ready to do at home. Purchase face masks, eye patches, scrub, body oils, candles, books, diffuser... get ready for quick self-care sessions! You can also see a full list of my postpartum recovery essentials here.

  9. Connect with other newborn moms: online or in person. Talking to people who you can relate to and see that you are not alone going through it all, will help release stress too.

  10. Rest. Nap whenever you feel like it, especially in the first 40 days postpartum), prioritize resting and let other obligations go. You will always have a house to clean, dishes to do, etc. What you only get once is basking in the glow of your newborn baby. Go to bed earlier, and wake up later, and take little naps if needed. There are few times in life you will be given this opportunity to cocoon, take advantage of it! Plus, your baby won't sleep this much ever again, even if it's interrupted, you can take a mini nap with him.

  11. Have some adult conversations: FaceTime is so easy and will quickly (and comfortably) get your mind out of the newborn bubble.

  12. Drink room temperature water, warm teas & bone or vegan broth. As your reproductive system returns to its pre-pregnancy state, drink room temperature lemon water, warm a few cups of herbal tea every day, like ginger, turmeric, and honey; and broth to heal and nurture postpartum.

  13. Make your postpartum rules. If you want no visitors, say it loud and clear. It's your journey, you choose! You can also choose when and who comes. And remember, you can also be clear on what help you need if they come, and offer specific rules and visiting direction.

  14. Do pelvic floor & deep core recovery exercises. Start healing your core and pelvic floor right before starting any other type of exercise. You can take a look at a circuit here.

  15. Play Music. It's funny how your mood is affected by music too. Get some meditation music, some fun upbeat music, whatever you need in that moment, remember the music therapy!

  16. Open your windows for fresh air and light every single morning!

  17. Go for a little walk every day. Weather is a morning walk, mid day break walk, or evening/sunset walk... it will do you wonders and you'll get some much needed light movement (as soon as you are cleared by your doctor of course), Vitamin D & fresh air.

  18. Stretch. Remember to do postpartum stretches daily, we are nursing/feeding the babies so often and our body position is so terrible, this will be a life saver and it only takes 5min.

  19. Be open minded and adapt as you go. Every day will be different, some days will be harder, be okay with going with the flow too!

You can also enroll in Postpartum Plan here to learn how to make a personalized plan for postpartum for the smoothest postpartum transition, as well as how to prepare your mindset shift to go with the flow and ease into the unexpected!


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