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Indoor Family Activities With Toddlers

Family time does not always mean spending money or traveling. Family time can be so many things. But sometimes it's hard to think outside the box and come up with fun activities that we all can enjoy (adults and toddlers) especially indoors/home.

So here are some ideas of our favorite indoor activities for our home. Without the need to go out and spend money, and easy to day any day of the week!

1. Card board boxes. You can create anything. A fort, a car, a house, an airplane... My husband is the creative one with things like these so I let him take the lead! You just need some boxes and tape. A great indoor activity for gross motor practice & brain stimulation!

2. Painting. I recently bought Sofia a big thick paper note book and some safe coloring and she absolutely loves it. Of course this has to be a family activity or else we'll get new art on the wall. Usually we sit on the floor. And we'll try hand painting soon too so she can develop more sensorial touch and explore that too.

3. Indoor bowling. You get the idea! You can create it with any object that can be knocked down with any ball.

4. Create necklaces. Use a piece of string, or a shoestring, and add big beads or even large pasta noodles. Another great fine motor activity!

5. Cook. Of course they can't play with fire, or cut yet. But helping mommy in the kitchen is one of Sofia's fav things. I feel like she truly feels like she is helping me and she loves it. I also give her some safe ingredients to play with, and show her the things I do. Of course it's way slower, but, if you do a family cooking night, it def is a fun experience for everyone.

6. Balance! Tape a few lines on the floor in different shapes (straight, zig zag, spiral...) and walk following them, for balance and fun.

7. Play dough! The texture is awesome and the kids will love to explore it. And the whole family can create something. You can even make your own.

8. Obstacle course, anything can work. Pillows from the couch, a tube, boxes... creating the course is part of the fun.

9. Scavenger hunt.

10. Wash the dog. One of Sofia's fav things. We also dry her hair. Which is a long process, and productive!

11. Build a bird house.

12. Decorate a t-shirt.

13. Make a finger painting. This is messy, but with the right setting, it's so much fun for everyone. And you can keep the painting as a memory too.

14. Dance party. Sofia loves when we dance and she loves to dance too.

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