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Is It Too Late To Start Your Own Business?

When I started my business I was 23, everything I earned was invested straight back to my business and I did not have a salary for YEARS. I did not travel for at least the first 4 years of having business. I simply couldn’t afford the time or money. I did not have a day off in years too. I did not see my family or go back to my home town of Barcelona for 3+ years straight. There were so many sacrifices I made to get my business up and ruining properly for my future!

Now, at 31, my business has been alive for 8 years. I am very stable and it's been 4 years of consistently doubling or tripling my net profit yearly. It's been growing nonstop. I finally can have more flexibility. I can finally travel (and very often!). I can finally go to Barcelona every year, or more. I can afford to delegate the little chores that take a lot of my time, and most importantly, I could afford being full time with my baby.

I always think, what if I had waited to start my business? And i always get asked, if it’s too late to start your business. Well. I am glad I did everything so young and got it all out of the way. Because i get to do everything i mentioned now.

However, if you are older / already have a family, and are thinking about starting your business, know that it is def NOT too late!

There are countless of positive reasons to why starting your business later in life is good too.

You definitely have more life & work experience.

You have more networking contacts.

You have a better resume.

You have more knowledge in many different fields.

You have better financial knowledge.

You may already have savings or a family income that can cover your day to day expenses without suffering.

You can have better credit.

You have more freedom of choosing.

You have more perspective.

You have more life lessons too!

And all of that may mean that the business building process may be faster or with less headaches and obstacles.

Now, starting a business is never easy. But starting earlier or later in life both have pros and cons. Don’t be afraid to start later ir you have not yet.

Do you have a business? When did you start? Are you thinking to?


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