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Keep Motivated Every Month

January has been an incredible month for my business, lots of new exciting deals and projects! I feel like coming back to a routine from the long holiday break with extra energy and motivation, truly pays off!

But how do you keep up with motivation through the year?

1. Invest in education: make sure every month you enroll to a class, workshop, or seminar, read a book, set up a coaching session or business consultation... whatever it is, keep investing in yourself and your business to keep your brain fueled of new and exciting ideas!

2. Keep writing your goals, action plans, wishlists and map everything out on a monthly basis too. We tend to start the new year this way but remember, you can do the same for each month, and week! It will keep you focused on actions, step by step.

3. Invest monetarily so you can grow. Weather it’s more help at work or at home, the more work you have, the more you need to invest so you can keep growing, always setting your priorities right for example - I get help w things that I don’t want to do personally it’s errands, smaller work tasks cleaning and cooking - and so I can still spend time w Sofia while i work.

4. Fuel your body right, always. Not only as a new year resolution but as a lifetime goal, as I mentioned yesterday. This will keep your productivity & motivation level high because the better we fuel our body the more energy and focused we will be.


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