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Keeping Baby's Skin Cool At The Beach

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

My Tips For Keeping Baby/Toddler Cool At The Beach!

1. Consider the weather conditions. Above all, if it’s a really hot day, no cool breeze, high humidity... skip those days or avoid peak hours (from 12-3p mainly) as it can be dangerously hot. Enjoy an early morning or late evening instead.

2. Keep the sun screen in the cooler to cool off baby's temperature when you apply it.

3. Bring a water bottle spray with ice and water. She loves to play with it and keeps her cool!

4. Take plenty water breaks if they are old enough to get in the water.

5. Keep a bucket full of water to play with along the other toys.

6. Bring an umbrella or tent so baby/toddler is always in the shade, except when in the water.

7. Obviously hydrate, extra. Water, milk... make sure he/she keeps drinking more. Offer it more often even if they don’t ask for it.

8. Dress baby appropriately: Long sleeve bathing suit & hat for sure.

9. If you can, bring fruit & veggie popsicles to keep cool.

10. Bath the baby with apple cider vinegar at the end of the day, before bedtime, to sooth the skin from any sun.

And have fun!


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