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Mourning Life Stages

Right before I had Beckham, my last few weeks as a mom of one, I got very sad about ending my stage with Sofia, one on one.

I started to mourn the end of that era. The end of her and I. Alone. The end of those 2.5 years fully devoted to her. The end of my only baby, my baby girl.

I knew nothing would ever be the same. I knew that it would be even better, that she would have a sibling to share life with and that I would have what I always wanted, two kids.

But, that still didn’t take away the fact that I was sad about that life stage ending.

A year later, I look back, and I’m so glad I mourned the end of that era because you know what? IT WAS AMAZING. Nothing is the same now. Our relationship with a new sibling is different now too. And although I wouldn’t change ANYTHING and having her brother with us is THE BEST THING EVER, i would also do anything to re-live that stage.

I know I will look back and think the same of my first years as a mom of two. How nothing is more special than this. And you know what? It’s true.

There are tons of special life stages and the key is to enjoy them all, as if each one is the best.

And we have the right & necessity to mourn the end of every era because nothing stays the same forever and maybe... that’s exactly what makes stages, special ✨

What has been your fav life stage so far? Anyone else mourn the end of a stage?


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