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My Birthing Center Bag

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I am not going to a hospital, I am going to a birth center, and back just a few hours after birth. So I need less items. But here is a full hospital bag list, fully linked, in case you need it!

Everything I am personally bringing to the birth center is below:

Organic Newborn Diapers shop Swaddle shop A thin blanket shop

A heavier blanket shop Pacifier shop Newborn gloves/mittens shop Chemical Free Baby Wipes shop Burp cloth shop Receiving blanket shop

Newborn hat shop

Newborn socks shop

Cute comfy newborn outfit to go home

Shusher shop



Light Robe shop Organic Maxi Pads shop Nontoxic Deodorant shop Nursing pads shop

Nipple balm shop

Thick Socks shop

Face towelettes shop

Postpartum underwear shop

Slippers shop

Comfy change of clothes to go home in

Comfy Nursing bra shop Hairbrush


Tooth paste

Face wash shop

Extra Pillow/s

Plus, add all my birth essentials listed here



- Change of clothes

- Comfy shoes




Phone chargers



Special music on phone

Car seat installed

Phone list: important numbers: birthing center, back-up, pediatrician, family & friends



Bag with activities shop


Change of clothes

Overnight pull up diapers


Dry Snacks like popcorn, bars, etc

Water sippy cup

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