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Birth Essentials

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

This list will totally vary depending on what birth you are having. But, here are some birth essentials, you can edit it accordingly to meet your needs.

1. Healthy snacks: Trail mix shop; Nuts and chocolate shop

2. Scrunchies shop or hair ties shop

3. Coconut water shop

4. Lip balm shop

5. Water bottle with straw shop

6. Progesterone shop

7. Coconut Oil shop

Mix these two above to be used as a pain reliever = during labor. Rub on belly and back to relieve cramping.

8. Magnesium Oil Spray shop

Another form of pain management, squirt on body to help muscles relax during labor which helps promote a natural birth

9. Tripod shop

10. Essential Oil Diffuser shop

+ Essential Oils Click here to see a full list and each of their benefits

11. Honey sticks shop

12. Comfy bra to birth in shop

13. Water spray shop

14. Homeopathy, consult with your midwife / provider & see what would work best for you

15. My Crystals For Birth linked here

16. Electrolytes Shop with code LAURAGIMBERT for 25% off + free shipping here

*100% of the affiliate profits go to children non profit organizations

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