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Three Crystals For Birth

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

I have been learning and loving crystals more and more with age. So with Sofia's birth I never even thought of having crystals in the room. But now I know how powerful and magical they are, so I am including them in baby boy's birth!

Here are three crystals to have with you at birth, why & how to use them!

  1. Selenite Harmonizers shop It protects you adding an additional layer of power and healing, you immediately feel grounded, calm and serene. It is specifically beneficial to hold during childbirth, to surround yourself with light & love, calm your fears and keep you zen. HOW TO USE: Hold in your hands during labor, or leading up to it.

  2. Amethyst crystal shop It brings relaxing energy, soothes away the stresses, and enhances your intuition empowering you to trust it. HOW TO USE: Place in the room to bring peace, relaxation and calmness.

  3. Rose Quartz shop A Rose Quartz necklace opens your heart and aligns you with the energy of love. HOW TO USE: I wear this one as a necklace to have over your heart


Another post that may interest you: Three Crystals Every Mom Boss Should Have. Read it here. I get all my crystals at Energy Muse and I highly recommend them for these or any other type of crystals & crystal jewelry pieces. They even have a crystal test to find out which one you need. And they not only sell crystals (and crystal jewelry) but also a book that teaches you everything about everyday rituals to tune in to the real you.

Need to prepare for birth and learn ALL your labor options for an educated & empowered experience while learning how to prep your body & mind for labor and much more? Take my self-paced Empowered Birth Prep Course!

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Ways to Manifest
Ways to Manifest
27 aug. 2021

Love this! Selenite is my favorite. Here's how you can tell if its real:

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