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My Boundaries And Why They Help Accomplish Goals

It’s up to YOU to set them to get the life results you desire. To make sure you are present when it matters. To keep a healthy mindset. To make sure you are not wasting your precious time on things you don’t value or need.

Boundaries are a huge part of DISCIPLINE & what will help you make things HAPPEN ⚡️ Especially with kids.

They keep evolving with me but here are some of the key ones right now:

  • Tight social circle who inspire me & grow with me

  • Tight online friend circle who I truly love and have a great friendship with and send each other voice notes so it’s convenient & flexible to reply properly

  • Have unfollowed / muted a LOT of accounts who don’t serve me

  • Only follow people who inspire me or feed my knowledge

  • Don’t engage in certain conversations anymore

  • Set my phone aside when playing with kids or out for a family / friend activity

  • If I take quick second videos or pics for our memories / social, I never post “live” to keep present

  • Only respond to DMs & post stories when driving / nursing / kids are sleeping

  • Computer time only during nap times

  • I can call back a client if I miss their call

  • I don’t buy junk food for the house so we can be more laid back when eating out

  • Daily self care actions no matter what, even if it’s 5min to get space, energy and boundaries for myself

  • If I catch myself scrolling randomly on phone I stop and I think if I want to REALLY disconnect with a REAL worthy relaxing activity that feeds my soul, or go to my to-do list

  • No work on weekend aside from little urgent stuff that may come up

  • Don’t pick up the phone if Im with someone

  • Working out 3-5 times a week, my only real me-time

  • Only eat out / delivery on weekends

Practice awareness: what do you need more of? What’s not working for you? What do I need to keep working on?

Write a list so you can come up with new boundaries you need to implement because it all starts today, to improve your mental health, productivity, life & keep accomplishing your goals ✨

Tell me what’s something you will start implementing ASAP!


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