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My Car Seats: Reviews & Links

These are the car seats I have and LOVE.

The first three are made for a minimum to maximum weight limit of 4 to 100 pounds, they all can be used in the rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster positions, so you won't need more car seats through your child's life!

Below, I describe each one,why I love each, and their unique features, and link them all!

Chicco Fit4 4in1 Convertible Car Seat:

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  • Has one of the best ratings for safety, consistently

  • It's extremely simple for parents to us

  • It adjusts to 10 positions making it super comfortable

  • It's very stylish

  • Fabric is removable and machine washable

  • 9 recline positions to adjust perfectly as child grows

  • Its not the lightest, I personally don't mind because I don't move it from the car but if you need to, consider this


Maxi Cosi 5in1:

Shop color BLACK on SALE here

Shop color GRAY on SALE here

  • This one goes up to 120lbs even!

  • It has 3 layers of Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection

  • 14 adjustable Headrest positions that provide the ultimate head and neck protection at every stage of your child’s life.

  • Has a lifetime warranty!

  • Very safe

  • Fast & easy installation

I linked three colors that are on sale starting at $160 discount! Don't miss out. ANOTHER OF MY FAVORITES!


Maxi Cosi Pria 3in1:

shop here shop a cheaper blue/pink color version here

  • Also easy, safe and fast installation

  • Machine washable seat, pad and covers

  • 3-position recline base offers more room to position your kid at an angle that’s comfortable and safe.

  • There are five headrest positions.

  • GCell side impact protection that’s built into the headrest to provide the ultimate protection for your child’s head and neck.

  • Cmfortable with an infant wedge pillow that offers support & alignment

  • The harness automatically adjusts to fit your child’s height.



Shop nontoxic color

This is our INFANT car seat that we use as a travel system from 0 to 12 months approx. It works great with our Uppa Baby Stroller that we love, for those first months when you don't need to wake up baby to get out of the car. A lifesaver but, not NEEDED. So if you are on a budget, go directly to one of the other 3 seats and skip the infant car seat!

Also: make sure you want this car seat to use as a travel system with your Uppa Baby stroller. If you don't have one, it's pointless to buy an infant car seat.

  • Extremely easy to use and install

  • Designed to minimize error when installing

  • Indicates if it's correct (green) or wrong (red)

  • keeps an infant’s head stationary during a side impact collision

  • the HENRY color linked here is a CHEMICAL FREE FIRE RESISTANT fabric, using Merino Wool aka made without the toxic flame retardant chemicals!


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