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New Mom Gifts She Will TRULY Appreciate

If you are a new mom or have a new mom around you and are looking for a gift, here's a list of ideas that any new mom will appreciate (and honestly, probably any not-new mom too!)

  • Things that will make her life easier: like a cleaning crew, a meal prep delivery service, a coffee machine, a crockpot, a blender for quick smoothies

  • Things that will pamper her: nontoxic lotion to feel nourished, skincare products that will make her glow without the need of makeup, nontoxic tinted moisturizer to feel ready in a second, a silk eye mask, a cozy robe, fussy socks, home masks, red led therapy treatment…

  • Things that will add health into her life, to balance out the sleepless nights and the constant go go go life: a chiropractor session, an acupuncture session, therapy credit, meal prep delivery service, postpartum doula sessions, Mom's Complete Multivitamin (a 100% natural pre and postnatal multi that actually works, absorbing x15 better than others that will allow her to have the essential vitamins and minerals she needs to recover, keep her immunity strong, boost her energy, help her mood, relief stress and anxiety etc)

  • Things that will make her feel taken care of for once: a massage, a facial, time off, a mani pedi, a coffee shop gift card, nightstand goodies like a meditation light....

So, no matter your budget, you'll definitely find the perfect gift idea in this post for any new (or not so new) mom around you! Or, get ideas for what you can ask for

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