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Part Time Preschool Adaptation: Our Experience

I’ve always known that Sofia would start part time preschool 3 days a week at 2. She’s been enrolled in her school since she was 1. This was the plan for SO long that I felt ready for our next phase when it began.

Another reason why I felt ready was because I saw that, as she approached 2, she started to crave a different type of activity. She started loving guided classes that actually taught her things and stimulated her brain, as well as interacting with kids, rather than just hanging with them as she did when she was younger. Which made me feel confident that she wasn’t too young to begin a few hours.

Also, as you know, once she turned 1, I started bringing her with me to the gym’s kids club for 1-2h a day (that’s the limit). So that was a GREAT first-step into being “left alone daily” for a bit. For me, because I got used to leaving her, yet I was in the building and could spy on her (made my trust & transition easy), and for her to be 1-2h daily with kids, without mom, from 1yo to 2yo. Rather than doing it completely drastically with school.

Now that you know OUR environment and background, I’ll tell you how it went.

She hasn’t cried one day. She hasn’t cared for me to leave her ever. Since day one, she says bye to me and stays exploring. There’s days where she’s more shy, but absolutely always stays pleased. And the teachers said she’s been one of the smoothest transitions. That she is happy all day, always listening and following all activities.

Now ⚠️ I can guarantee her personality has a LOT to do with it too! I see kids that are 5 and still cry daily. Sofia is very independent and although she’s been with me full-time and is a mamas girl, she’s always loved hanging with others: We go to Spain once a year to visit my family, she stays with ANY ONE of them without a fuss. If we go to a family meal, she’s running around alone meeting everyone. That’s Sofia!

I’m sure baby boy will be different, even if I do things the same way. So let’s not compare kids, I’m just telling you our experience upon request!

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