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Postpartum Plan On Demand Course

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I live 10,000 miles away from family, I have no one to help around, and I am a business owner with no maternity leave...

Through my pregnancies I knew I either planned ahead to make the best of postpartum, or drowned in the chaos.

Planning comes naturally to me, and so I put in all the work to make sure I had a smooth postpartum transition. I learned how to PLAN ahead in every way possible while keeping an open and FLEXIBLE mindset through the obvious postpartum unexpected.

And this is exactly what I teach you in Postpartum Plan On-Demand Course: I give you step-by-step guidance of all my secrets and tips, so you can do it too 💪🏼 No matter your lifestyle and type of help YOU need, this course walks you through everything you may need so you can pick & choose and make a PERSONALIZED plan.

While also teaching you to work on your MINDSET and PERSPECTIVE, for realistic shifts and expectations, to avoid / minimize postpartum anxiety, mom guilt and more!

Because it’s just as important to make a plan ahead, as it is to learn to go with the flow through it all.

So, if you are...

✨ Stressed about adding a little one to your life and need guidance and organization.

✨ A first-time mom who has no clue of what type of support will be needed, and you want to learn and explore all options to personalize a complete plan.

✨ A second time mom who has been through it before & wants an improved, stress-free experience this time around.

✨ A mom of multiples who has no time to get ready for postpartum and needs extra delegation & a more precise plan to avoid the extra craziness.

Then this course is for you!

💻Video lessons, printable PDFs, cheat sheets, lists, resources, linked products and much more.

For the FULL Master Bundle of all 5 Pregnancy and Postpartum Courses, for 360 preparation from pre pregnancy, through all pregnancy, birth and postpartum: enroll here


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