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Pregnant? Start Researching This, Not Just Baby Items!

As a doula, my job is to make sure that through your pregnancy journey you get educated, empowered, know all of your options, are confident in following YOUR motherly instincts, and get truly ready with a plan to get the right support system through it all.

Because let's face it, researching for all the baby items may be super exciting, but when it comes to everything else.... it may not be so much!

So, I made it easy for you: Step by step guidance and an exact action plan on everything you need to get TRULY ready through the whole journey, 360!

1. Pre & Early Pregnancy support to create a good foundation from the start on habits that will support your whole journey, so it becomes a way of life from the start.

2. Providing you with ALL of your options from pre conception, through pregnancy and postpartum, so that you can make informed decisions every step of the way, being your best advocate.

3. Empowered birth preparation so you not only get informed on all of the labor, delivery and immediate postpartum options, but also change the way you view birth, for a calm, confident and powerful experience.

4. Learning about proper mom care for postpartum recovery to heal right physically and emotionally, with a newborn, so you feel your best (mind and body).

5. Knowing how to make a plan for postpartum while also working on the right flexibility mindset. And TRULY find your village and support system, even if you have no family around. With the right community for a powerful experience.

6. And educating yourself about the normal newborn behaviors to shut down the external noise and fears so that you can trust your motherly instincts & baby with confidence.

7. I even walk you through product essentials, for baby, mom, home logistics, nursing, and much more. Because yes, we need some stuff too 🙂

💻 The full Master Bundle of 5 courses supports your whole journey 360.


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