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Self-Care Gift Ideas For YOU These Holidays

I am all about self-care, self-love and self-pampering. And if anyone deserves a treat this holiday season is YOU.

Sure, you may have a cleanser and the basics. But I am sure you are always postponing buying certain things for yourself, that may not look like necessities, but trust me, they make great quick self-care sessions that can boost your mood instantly.

You have probably seen me use these often, and I am obsessed with every single product here, I would not recommend any otherwise. Enjoy!

1. Coffee Body Scrub shop

2. Beach Wave Wand shop

3. Face Oil shop

4. Frother (make home made lattes & matchas) shop

5. Facial Steamer shop

6. Foot Spa Massage shop

9. Detox Bath Salts shop & Calm Bath Salts shop

Essential Oil Difusser shop And Essential Oils shop

Nutribullet shop


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