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Sofia's 6th Birthday: Winter Wonderland Ice Skating Party

I really wanted an activity that big & small could enjoy, so I decided to book the whole ice skating rink just for ourselves, which made it not just more fun, but also way more convenient to have the space to freely move around!

I found that six was a great age since they were still little enough to use the walkers (at height capacity really) to get comfortable, but independent enough to use them alone, and most by the end of the party started skating without it while always having a blast!

I also made my own playlist which was a big hit for the parents, chose the disco lights, and we all had a the best time nonstop ice skating too!For those parents who didn’t want to ice skate.

We had a huge room that overlooked the rink and was heated so it was super comfy and fun to comfortably look at their kids with big smiles on!We did a girls only party to cut down the capacity since we already had a lot of girlfriends + parents invited.

And since the activity was so big I kept it super simple with the planning (which was my goal) by just getting cupcakes, pizza, water and juice. Along a few balloons and a few winter wonderland themed decoration (cloth, cups, napkins, goodie bags..) that along with all the ice and twinkle lights was more than enough for a magical environment ✨

I cannot recommend this enough!

Check out the goodie bag stuffings here

Buy all the winter wonderland decorations here

And watch a fun video of the event here


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