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Solid Introduction: Why 3 Balanced Meals Per Day

The method of solid introduction I follow by my pediatric nutritionist Dra Mafer is created to not only provide them with a balanced nutrition that complements milk with the right & key nutrients to meet their developmental needs at this age (for proper brain development for example, since most of the neurological connections happen during this time) but ALSO to avoid picky eating.

She recommends introducing 1 food every day, with 3 meals a day, each including the 5 groups, and each food for at least 5 days!

Because a baby is more likely to accept a new food with its continuous exposition.

If we expose a new flavor this many times individually without mixing it with other foods, the baby’s palate will start to recognize the flavor and accept it (if they didn’t at first).

It also helps to set a meal routine schedule AND it ensures they eat enough balanced nutrients through the day.

The majority of the time, an initial baby’s reaction is to make facial expressions that we tend to interpret them as the baby disliking the new flavor. However, it is simply their reaction to something unknown.

As parents, we have to keep insisting and introducing the food (by itself, and consistently a few times even if they do like it) to give them the opportunity to develop a taste for that new food.

As they grow, accepting new foods is harder than doing so from a younger age, so that’s why it’s also important to introduce all foods individually & at least this many times, within the first 6 months of solids, before their first birthday.

For personalized information + guidance to help you pick the right foods, and much more, I highly recommend working with a pediatric nutritionist specialist like Dra Mafer. It makes moms more confident and informed through the process, and helps avoid future health & picky eating problems. Ps, se also works with picky toddlers too.

And, yes, this method is more work NOW, for a few months, but it’s an investment on their health, now, and for their whole future. So worth it!

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