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Sticking To A Schedule On Vacation

Sticking to our home schedule is important while traveling. However, I am definitely more flexible too. Right now she is taking two naps, so I make sure takes two here as well, and that she never sleeps past 4pm so she can be sleeping by 7pm local to get up early (7am as usual) and enjoy the sunshine.

However, if we travel to a destination with a 2-3h difference, where we don't need to get up early, and it is a week or less, we don't necessary adapt to the time change. For example, we went to St Louis to visit family and we had nothing to do at 7am, but we did have activities at night, past 7 (seeing family & friends who work) so we did not adapt to the 2h time change. We just wokr up at 9am and had her go to bed at 9pm.

I also play it by ear in the sense that if we are doing an activity and she’s having a blast, I won’t cut it short to hurry up and put her down. I’ll let her enjoy it. However, I also don’t push it or let her skip a nap just because she’s having fun, because I know that then she’ll either get super cranky or want to nap really late, and then won’t sleep.

So yes, I stick to a schedule but I'm not too crazy about it, vacation mode applies to this too!

Also, in resort/beach vacations I make sure she naps in the room because she needs a break from the outdoors and because even if the naps are shorter, they’ll be better in her bed! So during her naps we always take turns (one of us stays in the room and works while the other goes to the gym or spa, and vice versa during the second nap). And during city vacations, I make sure she at least gets ONE nap in the hotel or house, so she sleeps best, and the second nap can be flexible at a friend/family home or in the stroller (although the older she gets the harder it is for her to sleep in the stroller).

PS. She typically sleeps better on vacay because she is more tired from all the extra physical activities!


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