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Stressing Over Your Home?

Even if I’m constantly picking up, constantly doing laundry, constantly loading dishes... what the heck even if I had someone come clean every day... the house always looks like kids live in it. And you know what? They do. What’s wrong with that?

I don’t want to be hard on myself, I don’t want to compre myself to others who have other priorities.

I want to be realistic with my life and goals, be okay if I go to the gym when dishes are piling up, if i work when laundry is waiting. Let the toys live in their own area of the living room. Let them have fun while we sit on the couch so they don’t need to play in their room far away. It works for us. It works for them.

During this season of life, I acknowledge and accept that my house will never be impeccable as it was before kids. And I’m okay with that.

Because this stage isn’t forever and I can even guarantee that, one day, I will miss the chaos and the noise, I will feel like I live in an impeccably empty house. And I will want the not-so-perfect home to come back 🤍

Let’s be okay with the imperfections that this season brings. That there’s better and worse days. No one keeps ALL of their sh*t together, all of the time.

Cheers to this season of life with all the messes it brings! Who’s with me?


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