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The Invisible Load Of Motherhood

What others don’t see.

What goes on behind the scenes.

The unnoticed.

The uncompensated.

It’s physical, mental, and emotional labor that usually has a 24/7 shift.

Because we are still coordinating everyone’s schedules, booking appointments and thinking on the weekend plans when we are at work or at the gym. It never ends.

We are still dealing with clogged ducts or exhaustion at a lunch with a friend.

So today, make sure you acknowledge everything that quickly adds up to this invisible to-do list.

Make sure you recognize all you do behind the scenes too.

Make sure you have a conversation with your partner on expectations, and ways you can divide and conquer, balancing out the invisible load you take up on too.

And make sure you find a community that simply, GETS IT ✨

Trust me, you are doing even more than you think!

Who feels this?

Tag or share with a mama who needs this reminder.

What invisible load would you add to the list?


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