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Time Management Tips

I’m going to provide you with a few top essential time management tips to help you improve your performance & productivity:

▪️ GOAL SETTING: You can’t manage time without knowing what drives you, you should keep in mind that, any action will get you closer to achieving those goals.

▪️ PRIORITIZE: It actually should always begin with avoiding/eliminating the tasks which you should NOT be performing.

▪️ SELF FOCUS: understand you are different and have different goals and priorities than people around you. So you shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to do things your way, in fact it’s healthy!

▪️FOCUS: one task at its given time! Multi tasking is great, but when you are doing one thing, focus your full attention and block distractions.

▪️ DECISIONS: any wrong decision can impact every area of your life. Consider consequences and make the right choices.

▪️ PLAN: Your schedule will be impacted by the schedules of others. This factor needs to be considered. Planning is one of the essential time management skills.

▪️ DELEGATE: For me, my assistants at work, maid at home and a good healthy delivery meal service are three main key things I need to delegate so I can get things done myself and move forward with my most important tasks which can’t be delegated.

▪️ COPE: When things go wrong, identify the correct course of action and implement that. Your thinking and mindset play a massive role in determining your results. Release stress, it makes you perform much slower.

▪️ KEEP TRACK: make lists of things to do and keep organized.

▪️ PATIENCE: don’t rush things, sometimes they don’t work out quickly. If it’s worth it, dedicate more time to make them work.


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