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Tips For Flying With A Toddler

Sofia has now taken 17 flights and although the tips are pretty similar to flying with a baby, a lot of you are constantly asking me about this specific topic so here it is, tips for flying with a toddler!

1. Let them run wild in the airport, not only right before boarding, but the whole time you are past security. Let them get tired!

2. Even if families with kids under 2 have boarding preference (unless you need to secure overhead compartment space) board last. So you are inside the plane the least amount of time possible.

3. If your flight is short (2-5h), schedule it during nap time, especially now that they take longer naps. If your flight is long, schedule it at night (right after their bed time). It’s better to hold a sleeping baby than an anxious one who wants to explore.

4. Don't feed boob/bottle or solids right before boarding. Wait until you are inside of the plane so they are entertained by food. Keeps them busiest & sitting!

5. Which comes to this point: bring the right snacks! I love to bring these pouches and snacks: puffs, yogurt drops and creamies in this snack container.

6. Bring a light blanket for the plane as it's typically cold and for breastfeeding privacy to avoid distractions when it’s bright & busy.

6. Dress toddler comfortably and covered.

7. Change the diaper before boarding and make sure diapers and wipes are handy in the diaper bag.

8. The isle seat is better to stand up quickly when fussiness starts without disturbing anyone. But window is easier to lean and for privacy. You choose your preference!

9. Being healthy snacks for mom too especially if breastfeeding, you don’t want your milk supply to lower esp during a trip.

10.️ A big diaper backpack with everything, hands free to hold baby!“what I pack in my diaper bag” is linked on the blog too.

11. Avoid the tail of the plane (it is busier, noisier and shakes way more) and avoid seats near bathrooms. People line up in front of them: less privacy & extra noise may wake the baby constantly.

13. Bring extra supplies: plan for delays!

14. Feed during take off and landing to relieve ear pressure.

15. For longer flights, having an extra seat for the toddler is def better. Holding a baby that long is exhausting. Try booking aisle & window seats for parents leaving an empty one in between, it’s always worked on every 12h international flight we’ve taken!

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