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Tips To Keep Up With Work On-The-Go

Since January 19 I have taken up on a handful of new contract clients on retainer, on top of the 15 I had.

This is a big deal because I (purposely) stopped taking on these type of clients as soon as Sofia was born. I had 15 when she was born last January, and I maintained them l through the first year of her life because I felt comfortably busy with that number - on top of side projects I constantly take up on, like product launches or events, and I started my new consulting business too, which has been way past beyond what I expected!

Anyhow, a few big contract client opportunities approached and I couldn’t refuse them. BUT before saying yes, I made sure my trained staff could take up on more hours, and I didn’t start more than 2 new clients x month at once.

SO EXCITING. I really can’t believe my business life has grown SO much AFTER having a baby. Don’t let anyone tell you you’ll need to slow down! You’ll just need to do things (very) differently.

Actually, the hours of work I personally dedicate to my business is LESS (even with more clients) BUT I delegate & spend WAY more. Before having Sofia, I used to do ALL the little work, all the errands, all the calls, all the research, all the follow up. Thanks to delegating so much tiny work and, staying on top of things through the day, I made it keep growing.

Here are 3 tips for on-the-go #momBosses

1. Always reply to all small emails & calls through the day. While Cooking breakfast, breastfeeding, getting ready, out for lunch, at the gym... don’t let ANY small email accumulate! This way, you’ll focus on important / attention needed stuff when you get to the computer.

2. Trust and build a team. It’s been the biggest transition for me. I spend a ton of money in delegating tasks I can perfectly do myself, but I wouldn’t grow without it.

3. Whenever I am out of the computer & I get a call or come up with an idea that requires a computer, I send emails to myself. This way I don’t forget and when I sit on my desk, I go straight to business. No time to waste!


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