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Toddler Naps On Planes

I think it's REALLY important (a necessity) that she DOES nap when we are on board (for flights longer than 4h at least), or else the flight becomes ETERNAL. So what are my tricks?

1. Book the flight at the RIGHT time. Schedule the nap to be on board.

2. Make them RUN WILD before boarding. I mean RUN WITH THEM. Play, jump, scream. Do all the things you don't want them to do on board & get that energy out.

3. Board last. Kids have priority but, boarding first means 30-45min of extra plane time.

4. Absolutely no sugar before boarding. She doesn’t have artificial but I’m careful with fruit too.

5. Breastfeeding helps, it sure does! It does help her feel at home, be cozier and fall asleep.

6. Try to secure your seat: the isle is great to get up when needed, but the window is definitely best for nap. Less distractions, less noises, less people walking by. Also avoid the tail end of the plane.

7. Wake them a bit earlier on traveling day.

8. If your baby is one of those routine nappers only (dark room, sound machine, crib only...) it will def be harder to nap on board. Do all of the above and, and get them the canceling noise headsets.

PS: For short flights, don't stress the nap. Work on keeping them entertained & pack right.

And remember: if you are scared, don't be. Don't postpone flying because it's def easier to fly with a 3 month old than a 9 month old, and easier with a 9 month old than a 19month old.

It’s also easier to fly with 1 baby than 2! And it's free when they are under 2! And that’s why we are squeezing in so many now haha. But, we will make it work regardless. It’ll just be extra work!

So let's go, don't think about it twice, save these tips and book your next vacay!


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