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Top 12 Daily Foods For Ultimate Health

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

It's no surprise that eating healthy boosts your overall lifestyle. Not only preventing diseases, but improving your productivity, beauty and mood.

Here are the TOP TWELVE FOODS, that should be INCLUDED in your everyday diet, and how I include them in my meals:

- Avocado. I always avocado on my salads or I spread it on my whole wheat bread (perfect butter-effect, just with good calories instead!), you can also try pairing with eggs or throwing it into a smoothie! - Chickpeas. I add them into my salads as well, but chickpeas humus is also a great, quick & easy snack! - Eggs. I have a daily morning scramble: two egg whites + 1 yolk - Fish: Salmon & Tuna. These are the healthiest and safest fish options, don't exceed one per day because of the mercury levels! - Flax Seeds & Flax Oil. I add either off on my daily smoothie!! Typically, flax seeds. - Kidney Beans. I add kidney beans to my salad or to my mid-day wrap. - Lentils. I love a lentil salad (lentil base with tomato mozzarella, and oregano) - Sweet Potato.  These are perfect steamed, as a fish side. But if you are looking for a less clean/healthy (and of course, tastier) option, you can try sweet potato fires as a side instead. - Firm Tofu. I add tofu to my egg scramble OR to my mid-day vegan wrap along the kidney beans. You should also be careful with tofu quantities, because of soy levels. - Tomatoes. I add tomatoes in pretty much all of my salads. - Whole Grains. I choose a whole grain wheat wrap for my mid-day wraps OR a whole wheat toast along my morning scrambled eggs (and sometimes add spread avocado to the toasts as I mentioned above). One serving per day are enough starch carbs too. Another great source of whole grain option I love is quinoa, I choose to eat this in the evening as it is low in carbs and high in protein. You can also find healthy whole grains in: brown or wild rice, oats, or barley. - Plain Yogurt. I have a yogurt every night, before bed, or as a mid-day snack paired with fruit and/or peanut butter. If you are not a fan of plain yogurt, you can also add it to your daily fruit or veggie smoothie!

Following these above, you should also try to include (as often as you can) the following:

- Almonds

- Artichokes

- Broccoli

- Cantaloupe

- Garlic

- Orange

- Papaya

- Peanut Butter

- Peppers

- Sunflower seeds

I love to grocery shop through Milk and Eggs because it is high quality, lower prices (farm fresh direct cuts down margin costs from the store), they deliver for free to my doorstep (busy mom convenient!) and there are so many options. If you want to tr use my code "lauragimbert" for a discount!


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