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Traveling With A Baby At Different Ages During The First Year

Traveling with a baby changes so much on so many ways from one month to the next.

So here I’ll highlight some pros & cons of each time we’ve traveled:

3 months = LA - Barcelona

Despite it being a 12h flight, it also was the easiest flight with Sofia. She slept throughout (night flight), she was not mobile, or even sat and didn’t complain just being held. She also only breastfed so it was super easy in that sense too. No meal worries, convenient and easy! And despite the 9h time zone difference she was so little she also napped more often through the day so it was hard but not terrible.

5months = LA - St Louis.

Despite it being way shorter, 4h, it was way worse too. She started to move, didn’t want to be held, it was a bad timed flight (my husband booked it lol), she didn’t sleep one bit. She also wouldn’t stop yelling. Only a 2h difference so we didn’t adapt, we just slept in to 9am and let her go to bed later at 9pm. So that was easy. She still didn’t eat solids, so that was easy too.

7months = LA - Rivera Nayarit.

She was great during the 4h flight because i timed it right. However, this was the first trip she was eating solids so it was a bit stressful, being the first time. Plus, she had only eaten solids for a month so she was still on the introductory part, and wasn’t eating many foods yet. So she was limited. This is why I booked a resort that was extra baby friendly: they even cooked single food purees! And made the trip way easier. Also a 2h time change but this time we did adapt to the local time as we wanted to enjoy the sunshine.

9months = LA - Rivera Maya & Tulum.

She did great in the 5h flight also because it was perfectly timed. This trip was easier food wise because at nearly 10m she is eating pretty much everything and starting to mix. And, has moved on more finger food than purees . So it’s easy to ask for simple food at any restaurant. She’s also more active, and being on a trip where she can swim, play, and move nonstop helps! She definitely sleeps better, and so does mommy :)

11months = LA - Barcelona.

Next trip coming up, 12h. We will let you know how it goes.

Bottom line: there are always pros and cons of every age, so don't let any con stop you from traveling. Ultimately, it is SO worth it and fun!


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