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UPPAbaby VISTA Double Stroller Review

I've had the UppaBaby VISTA as a single stroller for a while with Sofia as an only child, and I recently converted it to a double as we are getting ready for our baby boy to join us.

One of the main reasons why I wanted this stroller in the first place was because it expands to a double. And today, I am doing a post on this exact process: how the UPPAbaby VISTA stroller easily converts from single, to double.

1. The UPPAbaby VISTA single stroller comes with a Bassinet and a Toddler Seat, therefor, to do the exact combo I have in the photo, the ONLY thing you need to buy are the two sets of adapters: bottom & top.

2. Once the little baby grows out of the Bassinet stage (20lbs or when infant can push up on hands/knees, whatever comes first), you will need to buy a RumbleSeat, an add-on, and then both seats can face the parent AND forward, which gives you tons of combos to play with.

3. If you have the MESA car seat like me, or a compatible infant car seat, you will also be able to use the double stroller as a travel system, combining the Toddler Seat for your older kid, and the car seat for your mini.

4. Even as a double stroller, it is not hard to maneuver, I am surprised on how light weight it feels, how easy it is to make turns, and my favorite: it's still as narrow, which allows you to fit through all doors and hallways, unlike other double strollers.

5. The Toddler Seat (where Sofia is sitting) has a capacity of 50lbs, which is a 6/7 year old on average, while the lower RumbleSeat has a capacity of 35lbs, a 3/3.5 year old on average. Plus, you can also purchase the PiggyBack ride for when the older kid grows, or if you have three kids. With all of this and it's high quality: it is definitely a good long-term investment.

6. Both seats recline fully, and when BOTH seats are facing the parent, they can be fully-reclined at the same time.

7. Any VISTA model can be turned into a double, even much older models, but the 2015+ have most amount of double configurations!

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The upper adapters here

The lower adapters here

The extra rumble seat here

The SnugSeat for when babies start using the seat here

The Bassinet cover here

The cup holder here

The PiggyBack ride here

The winter cover here

The rain cover here

The full single stroller here

The MESA car seat here

PS: My color is the GREGORY.


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