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Weaning Sofia: How We Stopped Breastfeeding

This is a FAQ still today, 8 months after stopping. So I will leave the little story here for reference!

My goal was to nurse Sofia for as long as I could and as long as it worked for the both of us. I knew how beneficial it would be for her immune system, her health and nutrition, and I kept going because it was working! Read here about the benefits of extended breastfeeding.

As she grew and she ate solids, she nursed less. But honestly, she still nursed a lot through leaps & teething, which was pretty much constant until 24 months.

By then, at 2 years old, she was down to one feeding a day, we kept the nighttime feeding. I had been putting her to sleep for 2 years, doing the nighttime routine myself which consisted of bath, books, nursing, and bed.

When Sofia was 2 years and 2 weeks, I got sick with the flu. I had a high fever & tested positive for the flu type A, both Sofia and Nathan were healthy and had no symptoms, so I decided to lock myself in my room until I did not have a fever for 24h, so I didn't get them sick too. That ended up being just 48hours of me being in the room alone (first time I didn't see Sofia for over a handful of hours which was so sad, but I needed the rest and recovery and I knew I was doing her well keeping her healthy).

So daddy, for the first time, had to take over on his own for 48hours, a full weekend (Friday night through Sunday night). Which meant, he took over the nighttime routine too.

Coincidentally, right before the weekend, we JUST had changed our bed from a queen to a king, so I was sleeping in our brand new king bed in my room, and we had the old queen mattress "free" so it was perfect for daddy to sleep on in Sofia's room.

He did the night routine: bath, books, and cuddles on the new queen bed, and Sofia fell asleep with him like that, without needing my milk (or any other milk) or even missing it, since it was daddy who was putting her to sleep and not me.

Once Monday came and I had been fever-free for 24h, we decided for daddy to keep doing the night routine because I was also in my 2nd trimester pregnant with Beckham, so it was the perfect time for daddy to take over the night routine & prepare for his arrival (6 months prior) plus, a perfect way to wean her off so I would not tandem feed. It worked smoothly and drama-free!

She never asked to nurse again. She had been associating MY night routine to nursing, but she did not really need it. She didn't associate milk to daddy's night routine, so she was totally fine with it.

This is also how we transferred her into a big girl bed. We decided to keep our old queen mattress (it was 2 years old anyways) in her room, and she started sleeping there. I ended up buying her a low queen bed, and it worked out perfect as she has room to roll freely and has been sleeping through the night every day since. She loves her bed & daddy time during their night routine!


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