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What Helped Me Prep & Get Through My Epidural Free Birth (Mind & Body)

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Here is what helped ME prep & get through my epidural free labor:

▪️ Drink raspberry leaf tea since week 30, one cup per night. It will help your uterus be strong for labor, and speed up the process!

▪️ Workout through pregnancy: if your doctor gives you the green light, try working throughout, even at the end. Squatting, maintaining a good healthy cardio endurance (with the stair stepper or elliptical), doing pelvic floor exercises, pilates...all of that helped me stay strong and be strong inside and out for a better, faster, stronger labor. And not tear, keeping a strong pelvic floor with weight training, squatting and pilates, helped keep it together!

▪️ Envision your delivery. I knew that I was going to be doing an all-natural delivery at a birthing center, so through pregnancy I envisioned how I wanted it to be (being realistic, it wont be easy). Thanks to having envisioned it, my energy naturally took action that way. Of course, understand things can go unexpected. If they do, keep calm and be OK with it.

▪️ If you truly believe and want a drug-free labor, you have to keep the thought of an epidural completely out of your head. I was at a birthing center so there wasn’t even the option available, but it still NEVER crossed my mind when I was in pain. Because I never had the option in my mind. As if it did not exist. I knew my body needed to feel those contractions to push well and speed up the process.

▪️ Be present. Deal with a contraction at a time. Contractions will get more intense as you get closer to pushing so don’t think of what’s to come, deal with NOW and don’t get overwhelmed of what is to come.

▪️ Keep reminding yourself why you are there and why you chose that route. There are so many benefits and most importantly: it’s the best day of your life regardless.

▪️ Let your body be taken by the contractions, "ride the wave”. Don’t fight it. Don’t tense up. Let it take you to another world. It feels like you are out of your body and floating, it's OK. Be guided by your body.

▪️ Kick any negative thoughts out, replace them for quick positive ones: I’m so strong, I am doing this!

▪️ If you have a chance, use the tub. I was there for 3.5h and it helped my body relax, warm up, open up and expand nicely!

▪️ When Pushing: Be determined. You are there for a reason. The more you think the less you’ll push.

▪️ Listen to what your body tells you at all stages.

▪️ Have a great team. My midwifes helped me SO much! Not only mentally but coaching me when to stop pushing through a contraction so I wouldn’t tear, and I didn’t.

You can also take a look at my fav affirmations to keep in mind here!

And read my epidural-free birth center birth story here!

✨ I promise this will be the most empowering thing you’ll ever do. Don’t fear, if you want to, you can totally do it without meds, you were made to do this!


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